Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oprah and her moron audience.

I didn't see Oprah's interview with Big Jaw.  I only saw clips, and the "online exclusive"
40 minute-Post-Interview-Jay-Love-Fest that was posted on

There was lots of "ERGH!" and "OH MY GOD!" and "BAH!" and "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???" directed at the little video playing on my laptop.  (I often talk at my TV too.  My mom used to say, "You get that from your grandfather."  I never knew him, and I kinda love the fact that we have something so silly in common.)

Anyway, about an hour later, I'm still riled up about this, but I cannot seem to put my thoughts into any kind of coherent order.  For now I'll just settle on simply saying that I'm riled.

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