Monday, January 11, 2010

nbc execs must be on crack

Someone at nbc must not know what funny is.

It's such a shame that that someone makes programming decisions.  In my opinion, nbc's late night line up should be left just as it is.  The writing for both Conan and Jimmy is hilarious!  And it's so great to have Andy back with Conan!  And as you know from a previous post, The Real Housewives of Late Night is ridiculously funny!!!

The only thing (somewhat) funny on Leno's show is "jay walking" and "headlines".
You don't need to be funny to pull off those bits.  Anyone can talk to stupid people on a street, and hold up dumb headlines mounted to a board.  The brilliant thing about both Conan and Jimmy is, even when the joke bombs, it's STILL funny.  Same with Letterman for that matter.  Craig Ferguson too!

I'm sure I'll be ranting a bit more on this topic...

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