Tuesday, May 11, 2010

garden update #9

I've decided to post garden updates just once a week.  (unless something INCREDIBLE happens! haha)

May 4th:
A bunch of seeds have sprouted! woohoo!




May 5th:
For the second time, I discovered that a neighborhood cat has been using one of my flower beds as a litter box.  ECH.  So, I googled how to keep a cat out of your garden, and I discovered that they actually make Cat Repellent!  I was very close to buying some, but didn't, because I remembered that I'm pretty broke.

One of the "home made" or "natural" remedies to the problem is black pepper, which doesn't harm anyone, the cats just don't like the smell.  And, bonus, it won't hurt the plants.
In addition to the pepper, I found these trellis type things that my dad used to use for his tomato plants.  So I stuck all seven of them in the flower bed.  No room for the kitty now!  :)  But hopefully I won't have to keep them here all summer...

May 6th:
I bought some daisies the other day, since I've had such trouble growing them from seed in the past.
I adore daisies.  They're one of my favorites.  Here's a cheesy little picture of one.  Cheesy as it is, I kinda like it...

May 7th:
Here are some of the daisies actually planted... If the wildflower seeds I planted actually sprout, they'll be in that empty space behind these daisies...

May 10th:
Didn't do much garden stuff today, but I took a bunch of pictures...

These crazy morning glories are sprouting up EVERYWHERE!  Does any one want some?  I'm serious!  You can dig these up and move them.  Seriously, they don't mind...

Here are my strawberry plants.  They've kinda been doing okay on their own the past few years, but I think I'm gonna help them out this year.  Maybe build some sort of contraption to keep the critters from eating them...

Okay, here's something strange that I discovered yesterday.  One of the Cypress Vine sprouts is pink! Well, 2 of them actually.  The only other one sprouting so far is green.  So I don't know why there are 2 pink ones.  I googled the heck out of it, but I couldn't find any explanation.  Or any mention of anything like it.   If anyone knows what's up with these little guys, I'd love to know!!!

I also bought these dianthus flowers the other day.  I've never really liked them before, but something about them is intriguing to me now for some reason.  So I got a little snap-happy....

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