Saturday, May 15, 2010


I used to babysit 2 little girls named Brittany and Cassie... The photography bug bit just before I started sitting for them and they quickly became my favorite little models.

A couple months ago when I went on a scanning binge, I scanned a bunch of old images of Cassie when she was just a munchkin... she's almost 21 now! Yikes! 

I think this first one might be one of the first black and white images I ever made.  I went all out with the sheets as a back drop too!  Haha... And the dress she's wearing, that was my dress.  I called it the "Twirly Dress".  It's peach and lacey and twirly and I LOVED it.  (I still have it!)  I remember wanting to wear it all the time, but funnily enough, I think there's only one picture of me in it.  Anyway, here's Cassie in it:

Here's another one of Cassie- I think this one is from my first college photo class.  I'm pretty sure the assignment was portraits.  And I think she has on my spaghetti strapped prom dress, obviously too big for her!  That baseball hat and sunglasses, also mine... I must have let her and Brittany go through my closet and go nuts...

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