Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TTV Morning Glories

A couple days after the first few morning glories showed up, there were several more, and I played around a little more with the Brownie.  

As I said before, since these particular morning glories have sprouted up from seeds from last year's flowers, I never know exactly what colors they'll be.   It's starting to look like these along the shed will be light pink, magenta/hot pink, and dark purple.  purple not pictured ;)

These images are "small" because when I tried to make them larger, the colors got all wonky... Thanks Blogger... (I went back to old posts and apparently this is not new.  Just hasn't been as noticeable before...)

Not only that, but the colors are already not that accurate, despite my efforts to correct them in Photoshop.  Could be due to a couple things- the fact that the flowers are in open shade, or the old/imperfect Brownie lens/viewfinder... OR maybe because of my Nikon.  I've seen a couple of mentions that some digital cameras, Nikons in particular, have some trouble accurately capturing reds and purples.  Not sure how accurate those theories are, or if that's the case here, but I guess it's possible.  One more argument for film!  (Of course, different films have different biases but at least you're not stuck with one!)


And one non-TTV shot:

Thanks for looking! :)

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