Saturday, June 12, 2010

Brownie Through the Viewfinder

Did a little TTV experimenting today with my Brownie camera.  I tried before and failed because I couldn't get the Coolpix to focus close enough to the glass.  It might be because I've had lens issues with the Coolpix, but suddenly, it's focusing closer... hmmm... so I busted out the Brownie again.  Because of the (tons of) glare I was getting on the glass, and how still I had to be to keep the Coolpix aligned with the glass, (this isn't the case with shooting TTV with the Holga) I felt a little limited by what I could shoot, so for experimenting purposes, I took a daisy out to the front porch where there was lots of nice light this afternoon:

I really like the borders I got... but there was lots of glare on the glass... I think tomorrow I'll attempt to do some shooting with a dark cloth!  Just like back in the day with the 4x5!  At least the Brownie and the Coolpix aren't as heavy to lug around...  :)

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