Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TA-DA! The first morning glories!

So, I've become a little bored with my "garden updates"... I probably won't do anymore...

BUT, the first morning glories have opened!  This is why I like morning glories.  They're easy, and they grow ridiculously fast!  So while most of the rest of my flowers were duds, I have my daisies and my morning glories, so I'm happy.  And you'll probably see photos of those once in a while...

I went back through my photos and found the ones I took of the shed at various times.  Here are a few:

Here's what it looked like just 2 months ago on April 24th:
About a month ago on May 19th:
 A week and a half later on May 31st:
A week later on June 8th, at a bit of a different angle, but you can see the BIG difference!:
Here's one of 3 buds I found yesterday:
Here's what the shed looks like today:

I guess I'm a nerd, but I think it's kinda cool to see the progress....
Anyway, a couple more photos that I took at the crack of dawn this morning:

I really love how the new twirls itself around the old.  The old vines, and the old crumbly shed.  There's something kind of beautiful about it. 

And this last one, it looks kinda cool- the light wasn't that bright yet, and I moved (only because I was being snacked on by mosquitoes) but I've never had movement look quite like this.  It almost looks like a double exposure.  Kind of.  Anyway. I like it:
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my silly flower photos! :)

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