Saturday, April 24, 2010

Garden Documentary Part 4

Planted some marigolds today! It was around 7pm before they made it in the ground, so the pictures aren't the greatest.

Since I already have some morning glories growing along the shed, I wanted to get the marigolds planted ASAP, since they help protect against unwanted nibblers in the garden.  (A few years ago, a cute little bunny ate all the morning glories growing there.)

I put the marigolds as close to the morning glories as possible, so the little critters stay away! 

Again, here are the marigolds standing guard!

And I put those white bricks in a couple years ago to keep the bunnies from sneaking up on the morning glories from under the shed...

Here are Fred & George!  Sadly, Fred lost some toes over the winter... 

I also bought some geraniums today.  This Mary and the planters on either side, belonged to my grandmother- my dad's mom.  She used to plant red geraniums in them, so I did too!

Also, the Nemophila sprouted!:

Thanks for looking!  Stay tuned for Part 5!

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