Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Garden Documentary Part 2

In addition to the usual three flower beds in the backyard, (one by the garage, one by the shed, and one along the back fence) I'm planning on giving the front yard a face lift this year. It's ambitious, I know. But I currently have some time on my hands.

Here's what I'm starting with:

This is the side of the garage where I've planted my morning glories for the past few years.  I've left the past few years of them there for the new ones to climb on...

I plant the blue morning glories here because I LOVE blue flowers, and also blue morning glories were one of my mum's favorite flowers...

I usually cut back those out of control wild roses, but I didn't this year.  We'll see how that goes...

I also grow some morning glories on the side of the shed, and in some of these clay pots as well.

The garage and shed gardens are all weeded and ready to go!

I planted the blue morning glories along the garage, and some red ones in a couple of these clay pots.

Every year by the shed, morning glories sprout up from seeds from last year's flowers.  I never know what color(s) these will be.  Usually hot pink or purple. 

These sprouted up about a week or so ago.  And more keep sprouting!

This is the space along the back fence.  I haven't really done anything here in the past couple years (since I was living in Quincy...).  The plan for this space is some wild flowers.  I definitely have my work cut out for me here!

Here's the front yard.  Not sure what exactly I'll do here. 

We live in a duplex, but it's my uncle on the other side, so I get to give his side a face-lift too...

Thanks for looking! Stay tuned for Part 3!

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