Monday, July 19, 2010

Onset Beach

Kind of a last minute thing, just before 7pm, I decided to drive down to Onset Beach. I thought I'd get there in time for the pretty sunset light... I JUST missed it...  So I have some pictures I made at dusk instead. 

The plan WAS to shoot film in my Holga, (finally!) and I also brought my Coolpix and my Brownie.  But since the light was pretty much gone by the time I started, I didn't shoot any film... I knew from experience with my Holga that any negatives would be super thin.  And I cannot afford thin negatives!

So, I did some through-the-viewfinder with both the Holga and Brownie.  I did NOT like any of the Brownie shots.  They were way too distorted, even for my taste!

The light was kinda flat at this point, but I got a few I like, and some I'm still not sure about...

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