Sunday, July 18, 2010

chippy the chipmunk!

I said I was gonna lay off the flower pictures, but the sunflowers in the backyard have been taunting me a little... so I headed out there to try a couple TTV shots, but they were all eaten by beetles and ugly.  Which, I guess would maybe make for a more interesting picture, but I didn't take any.

When I turned around, I saw this little guy (I have named him Chippy) staring at me from the cement block wall of the compost bin.  It was as if he thought if he stayed still, I wouldn't see him... We actually had a little staring contest, then I realized I had my camera in my hand.

I snapped that one, and when I took a step closer, he jumped down one of the holes in the cement blocks.

I had zoomed in as far as I could, so the quality is already not that great, but here's a little close-up of the above photo:


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